About Stabroek Travel

Stabroek Travel is a division of Stabroek Online Marketplace – a subsidiary of the Integrated Group Inc., based in Guyana.

Stabroek Travel is committed to advancing the tourism diaspora by giving travelers efficient and transparent access to a dynamic offering of elevated and discounted accommodations, flights, and the most authentic cultural experiences. Our team of professionals works relentlessly to curate only the best for the discerning and adventurous traveler.



To continuously evolve the tourism experience by providing efficient and transparent access to the industry’s offerings in a manner that preserves and enriches culture and fosters intercultural understanding.


Enrich & Preserve Culture

To promote cultural preservation and enrichment by telling the stories of each destination and its people through authentic experiences in food, folklore, amenities, and attractions.


Provide Efficiency and Transparency

Our unique platform provides direct access to the tour and travel services that build traveler preference and continuously deliver value for travelers and vendors of Stabroek Travel.